Click & Collect

We are very pleased to announce that you can now place Click & Collect orders with Twigland Gardeners World! Check out what is available at Twigland and prepare for some good times in your garden!

Please note, our seedling and flower bedding range of plants is unavailable to purchase through this channel, but there is always alot of everchanging options available in store! In store seedling deliveries usually occur every Tuesday and Friday... 

As you will find out, it is easy to Click & Collect with Twigland. Once you have placed and paid for your order via this portal, we will be in touch soon after to discuss the best time for you to come and collect your goods. If you have any other gardening queries, we will also be happy to help!

Please note that, when you are ready to complete your order at the 'Check Out', the system will ask for a 'Shipping Address'. Please enter your details, but note that this is only for record keeping. Most purchases made through this website need to be collected in person, from Twigland. Need it delivered? Just ask and we can discuss options when we call...

Happy Gardening!

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